IMG_4665Thank you for an awesome presentation at our recent Team WIN meeting—everyone is still singing your praises! Your presentation, Building Effective Business Relationships, was timely and on target to help the members of our group be better relationship builders in order to grow their businesses. The practical tips you shared are easy to remember and implement. For me personally, the biggest take away was the concept of “follow-up or fail” – taking the time to follow up with a new connection after an event is crucial to the success of networking! Without that, it’s essentially ineffective. More specifically, I liked your tip about making notes on the back of the business card about where and when you met someone, along with personal details about your connection with them for use later when connecting. Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!

Liz Witt-Lee, CEO
Organized Solutions of N. VA.

IMG_4661Ramunda is the ultimate connector.  She lives and breathes relationship building, which multiplies her impact.  By connecting myself and my foundation with power players, she has increased our exposure, helping us move closer to our goal of helping more African-Americans get their seat at the political table.

Krysta Jones, Founder and CEO
Virginia Leadership Institute



Even though I considered myself a “connector” already, I received valuable insight and tips from Ramunda Young in her “Networking, It’s Not About You” presentation!  Thanks to Ramunda’s valuable networking tip, I’m now much happier to make a few “REAL connections”  at an event, rather than work the room” and collect cards.  Her techniques certainly contributed to my success but this is not about me!  As a keynote speaker and presenter, Ramunda is both engaging and interesting.  I highly recommend Ramunda Young for any organization or individual that struggles with success in business networking.  I promise you will benefit professionally and personally!

Deb Jewell, Regional Account Manager
Sharp Communication Services, Inc.

IMG_4678I had the opportunity to speak with Ramunda and interview her for a blog (DMV CEO) that I manage.  She was referred to me by a colleague that recommended I connect with her because of all the great things she was doing.  After conducting the interview, I could see why.  It’s always a gift to the world when someone is able to build a business while simultaneously uplifting and building the community.  So often people are constantly looking for what they can get out of a relationship or a situation, but it was evident during the interview Ramunda was focused on giving! It was without a doubt one of my favorite interviews and I appreciate her leadership and the impact she’s having on the world.

Gresham Harkless, CEO Blog Nation (DMV CEO)
Blue 16 Media

IMG_4659I have been an entrepreneur for years and early on I was looking for a new way to expand my business.  After sharing my goals with Ramunda, she was able to remove my concerns and crystallize what I wanted in a creating a successful business.  She introduced me to a new network of people who became my bridge to immediate results!  Working with her has opened by eyes to many solutions that I have overlooked throughout my career.  I highly recommend the value she brings to the table.

Nikki Warren, Creator, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur
The M.O.C.H.A. Butterfly

IMG_4663Ramunda has always stood in her purpose by encouraging, connecting, even motivating anyone in her circle or even a stranger on the street, to be the best version of themselves. There is a strategy in everything she does and never afraid to share or give constructive criticism.  As a friend, I’ve been blessed to see her work, connect, and empower others.  As an entrepreneur, I have benefitted tremendously by her gift, by her connections, and by her encouragement.  She is passionate about what she does.  She will impact your life, your brand, and your business while fully invested in your success.

Cynthia Dixon, Chief Administrative Officer
Cynassists, LLC

IMG_4658Ramunda’s seminar was informative from start to finish.  She wove her own experience of building authentic relationships throughout by providing valuable tips on how to make those connections.  I highly recommend utilizing Ramunda’s expertise for your own personal and professional growth! 

Mike Yeatts, Executive Director
Prince William Soccer, Inc.

untitled-design-2Ramunda has created tremendous circle of influential movers and shakers.  I’d recently moved to Washington, DC and she invited me to a private networking brunch with people with entrepreneurial spirit.  She introduced me to a friend also in the film industry.  In three months, I was working as an Assistant Director on a short film that went on to win domestic and international awards.  Ramunda has a great network of people from all walks of life.  She has the knack for timing and connection and I will always be grateful for her assistance in finding my tribe locally.  Her connections are still working today as I move toward my own documentary, “Black Mardi Gras.”

Jeanette Robbins-Biles, CEO
Wyld Woman Media

Ramunda’s workshop, Developing Successful Business Relationships was an incredible return on my investment.  The content was very helpful and I can’t wait to put her
in front of our sales team!

John K.
Verizon Wireless Executive

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