SOAR Sessions

What does it mean to SOAR at Networking?

  • Have you ever wondered how far your business would be if you knew how to leverage your contacts?

  • Do you know how to start a conversation with an influencer at an event and turn that connection into increased sales?

  • Ever talk yourself out of reaching out to a powerful CEO who could ultimately change the face of your business?

  • Is your body language speaking louder at events than you?

I remember when I used to turn down invitations to networking events or say, sorry, I can’t make it, my schedule is to busy.”  When I think back to the number of valuable connections I missed out on because of fear of not knowing what to say or how to sell myself,  all I can do is shake my head! My self-confidence had to go up several notches too!  So many entrepreneurs, career professionals and authors leave money on the table when it comes to building networks…that work!

IMG_4660Even though I considered myself a “connector” already, I received valuable insight and tips from Ramunda Young in her “Networking, It’s Not About You” presentation! Thanks to Ramunda’s valuable networking tip, I’m now much happier to make a few “REAL connections” at an event, rather than work the room” and collect cards. Her techniques certainly contributed to my success but this is not about me! As a keynote speaker and presenter, Ramunda is both engaging and interesting. I highly recommend Ramunda Young for any organization or individual that struggles with success in business networking. I promise you will benefit professionally and personally!
Deb Jewell,  Regional Account Manager
Sharp Communication  Services, Inc.

There is nothing more powerful than making an authentic connection with someone who you can build win-win relationships with in business.  I am here to guide you through what to say when you walk into the room at a networking event, or overcoming the fear of speaking to the featured speaker of the conference.  These skills are valuable tools that will change the trajectory of your business by increasing self-confidence and sales!  I’d love to work with you and teach you techniques that will have you SOARing at Networking in no-time!

Then what are you waiting for?  Book your FREE 20 minute SOAR Session with me and let’s turn those contracts into contacts!