What Does it Mean to SOAR at Ramunda Young, Inc.?

SOARing, Skydiving and More!

Welcome to my corner of the universe!  I am honored you have stopped by!

So…..what does it mean to me to SOAR?  SOAR is an acronym for Surpass Obstacles and Rise!  The entire premise behind Ramunda Young, Inc. and our SOAR Sessions is to equip women with information that will transform their lives, their minds and thus their legacy.  As a mom, wife, sister and friend, we often encounter situations in which we have to make a life defining choice:  whether to be brave, bold and walk faithfully in God’s word, or to simply shrivel up with fear and turn the other way!  I’ve done both…many times!  The times in which I was bold,  and confident, I felt equipped with a faith-filled knowing that God had my back.  That it was ok to make a mistake, perhaps say the wrong word…not be perfect…and survive!  I over came the obstacle rose above them with a new sense of purpose and confidence.  I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by other women with such confidence.  With each SOAR Session we present, the goal is to achieve just that!  To equip women with information and tools that actually change the paradigm.

So I welcome you to the journey of you!  To bet on YOU.  To educate YOU in areas where you’ve always wanted to succeed in effort for you to SOAR gloriously into the wonderful being the Most High shaped, molded and breathed life into you to be!


Ramunda Lark Young!